Does Auto Insurance cover the car or the driver?

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Oct 18, 2004
oh yea i just remember, i asked a while back when i was renting a u-haul. I called up my state farm agent and they told me my policy will cover the U-haul truck if it was under xx feet. I think it was 16-18, but go figure at the time U-haul only had a 12 and a 18 so i was stuck with the 12feet.

holden j caufield

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Dec 30, 1999
Insurance is pretty much a scam. It SHOULD cover the person not the car but they want to rape you for owning multiple vehicles you cannot physically drive all at the same time. Your coverage should simply be based on the most expensive vehicle you own to insure.

This, I once proposed this but was laughed at. If I own 3 cars and only want liability I should only pay insurance for 1 liability policy because I can only drive 1 car at any moment. To me this is common sense but others don't see it that way.