Does anyone own a AIW Radeon 8500 (128mb) **REWARD****FIXED**


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Mar 4, 2002
This is not about the 8500dv, but rather the 8500 w/ the 128mb of ram. I was wondering if someone who owns this card would kindly, please, please, backup their bios on their radeon, and kindly pm me, or send it to me. I managed to screw up my radeon bios, and i didn't back it up. so if anyone can help, i would really appreciate it. it doesn't take any more than 3 minutes, and it wont screw up your system, or your card. if your bios doesn't work on my card, i WILL NOT hold you responsible. so there is nothing for you to lose..thanks

thank in advance

$10 paypal to first person who sends me the bios for the AIW Radeon 8500 128mb