Do you always need to wear a suit for a job interview?

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Mar 13, 2001
Interesting, was about to post a thread like this.

I wonder...those in the IT industry who say 'no' to suits...where do you work (area-wise...suburbs, or "downtown")? And, better question, what kind of professional qualifications do you have?

I've been looking for IT work in a couple major cities here (Portland, Salem, Eugene) and the interviews...well, they go alright, but I never get the second interview. Just been doing the dress slacks, button-down shirt, and tie, though.

I'm getting the feeling that if I came loaded to bear with a couple BS degrees in the IT field, an alphabet soup of certifications, and 10 years+ work experience....that'd be perfectly fine.

Of course, I only have an AAB, no certs (yet), and only 8 years experience, so....

I'm THINKING that makes all the difference - thoughts?


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Jul 5, 2004
Job interviews nowadays usually specify "business casual". Business casual is slacks/khaki's + dress shirt. However, this is usually a test, and wearing a bit more is much better than going with the bare minimum specs. It's like trying to run a graphically intense computer game on the minimum specs it says on the box. It's usually better to wear a tie or jacket. Earlier interviews are likely done by HR people who definitely look for that sort of stuff. Later interviews might be by higher level management who would look for that stuff too. A suit is usually the best bet.


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Apr 9, 2001
If everyone at that place is wearing suits and ties, you should wear one also. If not, you can leave the jacket in the car and only wear the dress shirt. It also depends on the ambient temperature