do you always lock threads that have to do with religion?

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Do you always lock threads that have to do with relgion? I had a legit complaint in my threat, and i dont think it was fair to lock it!! Darn you!

Just because im not a senior member, doesnt mean u should lock my threads

>>Yes, I want to start a flame war. Yes, I am angry. Over the past 6 months, I have met and gotten to know a wonderful muslim girl. She is sweet, kind, funny, very smart (got into stanford), and beautiful in all ways. We have grown to have very strong feelings of attachment and perhaps even love for each other. However, her family is fairly religious. Her parents see me, (a low-key Catholic, as devil spawn. I have been prevented from seeing her, they have elected to move out of town 2 months early, and she is now also going away to some middle easten tour that was unplanned a few weeks ago.

Her mom read my heartfelt praise in her yearbook, and got quite upset. Her father just stares at me.

The middle east is itself fighting a disgusting "holy war". Religion, regardless of its exact role in the fighting, is a perfect excuse. the Catholic Church has used murder, jail time and torture for hundreds of years to oppress the people. People die for and by the "Name of God" everyday. I dont care if God is real or not frankly. "Religion" has proven itself a terrible evil.

My intentions with the girl were NOTHING but honorable. I simply wanted to be friends. Literally. Her parents were blinded by religion in a way I have never personally experienced in my short 18 years on this earth.

It has saddened and sicked me.

We locked your other thread because it was nothing but trollish flame-bait. It had nothing to do with your member status.

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Apr 29, 2001

That should answer your question.

You should take it up in Forum Issues.

You are not attacked because you are not a senior member.