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DO NOT BUY from NVidia Direct.

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Sep 28, 2005
The site is showing the Titan Xp back in stock again. I guess they want to hold some more people's money without any available stock again?
Sigh.... they have become just about the shaddiest company i have ever dealt with.

Imagine tho, if purchasing a card is this difficult how difficult it would be to RMA said card.
I also imagine they will be picky as hell if your removed the heat sink, which i most likely would of to watercool.

This only solidifies my reason to stay on eVGA.
eVGA has always been good to me.
They are very generous in RMA, and they have excellent Customer Support.

That also means sadly this is the last titan card i will probably end up purchasing, because i am not dealing with digital river ever again.

BTW i still havent seen my refund.
I escalated the claim on paypal as fraud now, as i have been Frauded.

Digital river will most likely take a paypal hit on there record, since paypal records all complaints.


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Feb 26, 2015
You should be able to just do a charge back with your credit card company. I bought a gtx 1080 awhile back on ebay and the guy never sent it. Filed a claim and I think it took about 30-60 days to get a refund.
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Sep 1, 2010
gah that's terrible, but +1 for EVGA

as a side note Xp reads out of stock again... as of this posting anyway.


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Mar 19, 2007
God, I gotta tell you, before I read this, when I went to order a TxP for myself, my heart was in my mouth thinking I'd get shafted like you did. This was a month ago when their cards kept dropping out of stock and EVGA didn't have any 1080Ti models in stock. Took them about a day to ship my order, but yeah this will probably be the last time I risk an order from anyone other than EVGA for Nvidia cards.

Makes me really wonder how difficult it would be to RMA this thing if something happened to it.

Guess the lesson is really to just stick to EVGA for anything Nvidia.