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Do HDMI 2.1 video cards without fans exist?


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Nov 19, 2009
I'm thinking about building my first HTPC (plex or kodi). I'm just using it for streaming movies - no games - possible web browsing.

Is HDMI 2.1 available on video cards?

Is it available on video cards that don't require big power supplies or any fans?
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Nov 19, 2009
Sorry - I posted the wrong question. I really don't know anything about what I'd need to have dolby atmos, DTS-MA etc play through a video cards hdmi. I'll certainly also want to playback 3D and 4K movies (perhaps 8K when 8k sources are available.).

Fallen Kell

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Oct 9, 1999
To officially play 4k UHD content you will need Windows 10, an approved UHD Blu-ray drive, HDMI 2.1 card (not absolutely needed for 4k, but needed for 8k), approved playback software (some drives will include it, but not all), and a complete HDCP 2.2 end-to-end encryption chain from the PC to your display device.

We have not yet seen any HDMI 2.1 cards which are low enough power to be passively cooled. That said, there are plenty of cards that are effectively silent (the 3060 Ti is in the ~35db range at full load, and 0db at idle as the fans can shut off). Decoding 4k UHD video is not something that will fully stress these cards and as such they will not hit 35db trying to do it.

You can look to get a 3060 non-TI for this duty as well as it will be more than capable, but you will hamper the ability to run any kind of 4k gaming if you do (it is stretching it with current gen games to do 4k with a 3060 Ti already).

I would suggest a card that has 2xHDMI outputs. I say this because many audio recievers/preprocessor are still not fully HDMI 2.1 compliant, and you may need to use one of the outputs to connect to the audio receiver and the other go directly into your TV/display device in order to have the best picture possible.


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Oct 23, 2014
Great. Are there any passive HDMI 2.0 cards that do 4K at 60hz?
There are also Nvidia GT1030 and 1050Ti cards that are fanless. Although the 1030 I have has a fan, it is inaudible, so I don't think you should worry too much.
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Iron Woode

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Oct 10, 1999
My HTPC uses an AMD R3 2200G and an Asrock B450 Fatal1ty Gaming ITX/AC motherboard. No need for a video card.

It works great on my 1080P TV. I know it will work perfectly on a 4K TV as well.