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Divine Divinity: Dragon Commander


Jun 23, 2001
When this game launched, I thought it looked pretty cool but was engrossed with Skyrim at the time. When it went on sale for 20, I jumped on it.

Definitely a fun game, though I haven't quite mastered the RTS combat part of it. When I pull out my Dragon, I seem to get pulverized by anti-air in a matter of seconds. :/

But, I do spend a lot of time on the Raven talking to my generals and councilors. Just got out of the training area and got married, chose the Dwarf princess for this play through.

Anyone have any strategy tips?


Golden Member
Jul 6, 2004
also quite enjoy the game (picked up on sale last week), playing on middle difficulty. I haven't used my dragon yet and have about half the map. Hints and tips?

well as a RTS addict I'm programmed for old C&C tank rush tactics.

Make sure you visit your goblin and upgrade, sometimes you have the points and he will not show as "needed" to visit. I am a Spam um with cheap units and upgrade my ranged to hammer um from back and if things go bad, pull those "ranged better units" back and rebuild the cannon fodder. So those upgrades need to play to your playing strengths.

As with all RTS, especially with the ones who don't have resource gathering, but capture points for resources, you need to expand early and quickly. it only take 2-3 units to run around and cap empty spots.. even stuff you don't want as the AI will sometimes waste time retaking them.

Turrets.. some turrets on the blue spots in front of your base are very helpfull.

never attack his stronghold point blank.. pull his units out where they dont have turrents to support them.. once they are whittled down, and you ahve built up a bit, then move in.. Fall back to your base if faced with overwhelming force, better to have your turrents backing you up.

personally i build a hit and run group.. and a attack group.. the hit and run caps as much stuff as it can, then I will park it at the back door ( if there is one). build my frontal assult team up, send in the hit and run to make the AI focus on it, then I clear all turrents and go in.. buildings ( new units) are destroyed first.. if you are dying before you can take a building down, you are way to few units. Im almost always a 40/60 split with ranged being higher.

I'm no RTS savant, heck Im only so-so with um.. but love to play um, and this game is pretty good, I'm really wondering how these advisers will playout, pissing the undead off (or making them happy), will it really effect the game? I know the actuall thing I did to piss them off will, but in the end, will relations matter alot? I'm only about 3-4 hours in so no idea.