Detonator driver Problem


Aug 27, 2000
I've been using Detonator 7.58 WHQL for my GeforceMX (original) without a problem until I tried to upgrade to higher version. When installing higher version than 7.58 (any 7.xx, 10.xx, 11.xx, or 12.xx) I always meet the same monitor problem ....flickering screen, just like when you set the refresh rate too low for the monitor. I have tried to set high refresh rate (85 or 100MHz), the problem persists. I also tried a different utility to set the refresh rate manually, but it doesn't work. The monitor still flickers even at 100MHz refresh rate. My monitor is Samsung SyncMaster 700p with the correct monitor driver. Windows has identified it correctly. The problem is gone only when using driver NOT later than 7.58.
I notice that the later Detonator version seem to be using the same driver for GeforceMX and Geforce MX-400. Is this the source of the problem ? Does the newer driver have compatibility problem with GeforceMX ?

Fyi, I'm using Win98SE, Asus V7100, Abit KT7, Duron 700@1030, 320MB

Anyone has the same problem? Any ideas how to solve?


Junior Member
Jul 20, 2001
This probably doesn't help you except to confirm what you've already seen.

We installed a GeForce2MX card (MagicVideo) in my wife's 1.2GHz KK266 (266fsb Athlon "C") and saw dismal performance compared with the GF2MX in my Athlon Tbird800. I updated the included drivers to NVidia reference Detonator 12.14 or 12.41 drivers. Performance was no better. I saw the MX/MX400 referece you mentioned, and this time I also got "Twinview" which is not supported by this particular card.

I downgraded to the 6.50 drivers used on the TB800 and performance skyrocketed. I believe there is something in the drivers to do with DX8 that is crippling performance.

As for the flicker, I also installed a Kyro II board in another KK266 1.2GHz system and even though the monitor refresh was set to 85Hz I noticed a distinct flicker. I changed to 100Hz and 72Hz and the flicker was still there.

Now it's gone (90Hz refresh). No idea why this would be, but because it happened with a completely different card than yours, all I can say is that at least you are not alone. I did complete a driver update for this Kyro II so maybe that did it.

Good luck,
Paul Nixon