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Democrats race to repeal Obamacare....

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Jul 10, 2006
It's not "faux outrage', IMO you don't grasp the enormity of the problem.

Even the IRS recognizes it.

Nor is it merely "poorly worded". It was done purposefully to create an estimated amount of additional revenue to offset the expected cost of Obama care.

It's by now almost impossible for me to believe that Obama and the Dems aren't intentionally trying to destroy our economy, that they may rebuild it as a government-driven command economy. I do hold one tiny glimmer that they may honestly not understand that creating thousands of new jobs which do nothing but suck productivity away from actual wealth-producing jobs - i.e. a job is a job is a job, of equal value to society whether it is building a car, raising wheat, or sterilizing fingernail clippings - is any different from creating actual wealth-producing jobs, but it's difficult to believe that an entire party is THAT stupid. Much easier at this point to believe they are intentionally destroying our country because they honestly believe it is too materialistic, racist, and unfair, or possibly too destructive to the world, to be allowed to continue, and that the system they intend to implement (but can't admit to) will be better. Or maybe this is just a payoff to the Dems' banker buddies - it IS fund-raising season, after all.

Either way, this requirement is going to create a huge amount of additional non-productive work, especially for the additional revenue it will generate.