Discussion Dekstop Wifi Network Card Recommendation and Home WiFi Setup Suggestions

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Oct 4, 2002
A little bit of a broad discussion, but all topics intersect as well.

First, the immediate question is: I need to install a WiFi card in my desktop so I can position my desk where I want to in our new apartment. I know little about modern network card specs vs marketing at this point in my computer life. Tips? Not looking to go ultra-cheap, not looking to be cutting edge either.

Related, when we moved we went with Spectrum and I purchased a Negtear Nighthawk AC2100 that I'm using for WiFi access off of the provided modem. Since I have my own WiFi access, any suggestions on configurations? We have 1 laptop, 2 tablets, 2 phones, Roku Stick and soon to be main computer.

Thirdly related, my spidey sense tells me we are reaching a nexus of value similar to when I purchased my current computer guts on the used market. I currently have an Ivy Bridge i5-3750k w/ 16GB RAM on a Z77 Pro4 board. So, I'm beginning to acclimate myself to prices and trends and I'm also looking to update/streamline my storage.

So the network card is first. But I'll probably piece-meal the rest while targeting a good combo deal either used on the forums as before or a microcenter bundle or similar.

I know it's broad, but thanks for your patience and comments!


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Jun 12, 2019
I guess I'm officially old now...is that what techies have today, a drawer full of Linux Live CD's?
Fortunately, after reinstalling it, then Windows "hanging" again. I rebooted, tapped F8 to bring up booting into safe mode to manually install the driver and....it booted fine and hasn't had an issue since after multiple reboots.
Go figure.
I'm old too so maybe that's why I use a linux live cd? It's just a tool to help with 'divide and conquer' diagnosis.

Sounds like you were able to get it working, so glad to hear it wasn't a hardware issue.