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Debate resolved: Bush is an idiot!

Oct 3, 2003
Prob: Millions of US jobs lost
solution: Cut taxes for the wealthy!
Analysis: The wealthy are are not going to spend any extra dough or stimulate the economy in any way.
The definition of rich means you are already spending as much as you please!

Prob: Millions of US jobs lost
Solution" Start a needless war
Analysis: Unless you work for Haliburton - Cheney's old company - you ain't
going to see squat.

Prob: Saddam is giving WMD to terrorists!
Solution: Take over Iraq
Analysis: Boy, Saddam hid those weapons good, didn't he? He launched none against
us, and we can't find any after 6 months running his country!
Maybe they are at the bottom of a pile of camel dung?

Dean in 2004!
Love to you all, Chazz


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Aug 26, 2003
Sigh...what a pointless thread. Some of this we already know, the rest is propaganda. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a re-run of a crappy movie when I read threads like this.

If there is a mod around, please for the sake of all our sanity (and to avoid a future flame/propaganda war), just close this thread and let it fall into the black hole that is the net and let it be forgoten along with the rest of the crap that can be found on it.


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Jun 7, 2001
Yeah...the economy is all Bush's fault.

I feel you represent your favorite topic word (idiot)much more than does Bush.
Jan 12, 2003
Originally posted by: burnedout
Originally posted by: xxxxxJohnGaltxxxxx
Originally posted by: tallest1
Welcome to Anandtech. Go away.

Everyone of his "dean" threads is nonsense...probably Dean himself spamming P&N.
.... or one of his dweebs.

...or someone who is studying advanced syllogistic logic at Oxford with time on their hands before class.