[DEAD]Sony XB950B1 Extra bass wireless headphones $69.95 B&H Photo

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    Lowest price I think they have ever been.

    Edit: 6-12-2018

    I just got my pair delivered, and I have to say if you see this on sale again in the future, do yourself and grab a pair. I was worried the extra bass would drown everything else out, but that's not the case. Of course these sound warm, and with the Sony phone app, you can easily adjust the bass level. Turning it to a +4 or +5 is the sweet spot, but I don't listen to rap or dubstep, or anything like that.

    At the levels I set it to, it is perfect for bands like NIN, Smashing Pumpkins, Talking Heads, Metallica, The Cure, and even Pink Floyd sounds pretty decent, although I prefer to listen with a more neutral headphone for their music.
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