Dead 8800gts or monitor?


Nov 26, 2007
Yesterday I came back to my computer thinking the screen just powered off from being idle, but the display never came back. My brother told me the monitor died and that's what it seems like but I'm not exactly sure because I haven't been able to test it with another working monitor.

From trying to boot it and see if anything came up a few times, I noticed the monitor doesn't stay completely on all the time when my computer is powered on. It flickers every so often where I can get a really short glimpse of booting, logon screen, etc.

The monitor in question is a Viewsonic VX910 and the graphics card is an evga 8800gts (g80).

If you guys and gals have ideas, feel free to share em! :D Thanks!


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Oct 12, 2006
I think it's the display adapter problem

-Make sure the card is firmly seated.
-Check the power connectors on the motherboard and the display card.
-It can be a PSU problem too...