Question DDR5 RAM choice


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Jan 6, 2016

I'm building a new 13600kf computer (mostly for gaming) on an MSI Pro Z690-A with 32GB DDR5 memory and I'm hesitating with the memory choices (speed, timings, voltage, etc.) I've already read/watch quite enough articles/videos to know that DDR5 memory will bring very small (if any) performance benefits over DDR4 and that even different speed/timings won't do much difference (I think 5600-C36 is kind of a baseline at current pricing).

I'm trying to choose the best RAM kit for the price and will probably be overclocking it lightly if it's not already at 1.4V. For a similar price, I'm wondering if it's better to pick a lower speed kit at 1.2V and overclock it manually (ex: 5600-C36 Hynix M-die @ 1.2V) or an already higher clocked kit with less voltage headroom (ex: DDR5-6000-C32 @ 1.35V). I guess the difference will probably be minimal, but If one's likely to be better than the other.

Right now I can get these 2 kits for around the same price (200-210 $CAD):

1- TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta DDR5-6000 38-38-38-78 @ 1.25V (FF3D532G6000HC38ADC01)
- Listed as simply "Hynix" in QVL (from my understanding it is probably still M-Die)
- 200 $CAD (~148 $USD)

2- Kingston FURY DDR5-6000 32-38-38-?? @ 1.35V (KF560C32RSAK2-32)
- Hynix M
- 210 $CAD (~155 $USD)

For reference, the cheapest DDR5-5600 CL36 kit would be 180 $CAD (~133 $USD) and I could get DDR5-6400 CL32 @ 1.4V for 238 $CAD (~176 $ USD)

I'm wondering what are the chances I could reach CL32 with the first kit from TEAMGROUP if raising voltage(s) to 1.35V - 1.4V.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts/insight.