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DCCC launches last minute racist smear campaign in MS special election


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Aug 24, 2001

On Monday afternoon (5/12), the DCCC was pushing the following ad on the streets of the district.
Click through for pics.

MS First Congressional District Blog
As ROM points out, the DCCC says "Greg Davis wanted to honor the founder of the KKK with a statue in Southaven" and also said the statue was of "the first Grand Wizard." But in reality, the statue was of Jefferson Davis who was not the founder and never in the KKK. In fact, another place that has a statue of Jefferson Davis is the United States Capitol Building. Jefferson Davis is one of the two statues representing Mississippi, along with James Z. George. Furthermore, Senator Thad Cochran uses the desk of Jefferson Davis in the Capitol, one of two "heritage desks" (the other goes to Massachusetts Senior Senator and belonged to Daniel Webster).

ROM further notes that the "founder of the KKK statue" (Nathan Bedford Forrest) was wanted by the Mayor of Horn Lake.

So the DCCC has attacked the wrong mayor for the wrong statue.
Wow. That is low. Really, really low. The DCCC is attacking the wrong mayor over the wrong statue with a last minute flyer falsely associating a candidate with the KKK. U-G-L-Y.


Apr 8, 2002
MS you dont say? I have heard some of the radio bits democats play down there. Makes you wonder who really believes the stereotypes.


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Apr 29, 2005
Reminds me of an election there a couple years ago. Sadly I was living there at the time and these two women were running for the same seat and one of the women tried to show that she was the more "traditional" than the other one and tried to get her to publicly sign a letter/pledge/declaration/whatever that she had never had an abortion. The woman refused to stoop that low and the other woman beat her to death with it in advertising.