Day R Survival (android)


Jun 3, 2011
Is anyone playing this?

Im completely hooked and looking for tips & advice from other players.

Day R Survival is a nagware (free) android game you can find in the Playstore. They got a paid version as well that lets you save anywhere instead of just atsave points.

So basically it's a wasteland survival (no zombies) game set in russia. There is no real-time, it's all strategic, and very well detailed.
You loot supplies, craft,hunt, there's vehicles, a questline, no permadeath. Even though the game's not hard, theres quite a lot of planning involved.

I tell ya i havent been this hooked in forever.

In case someone does play, here are my questions.

Ive just reached my second save point. Ive religiously sacked every town and stashed all the loot at the first save. I can easily clean as much water as i need.

Im trying to build a forge and bellows and i have the bricks, but the forge needs cement and i found none, even past the second save point. The bellows needs a chemistry set which is also a loot-only item. Where the hell am i supposed to find these?

I have plenty bicycle parts so i can travel reasonably far.