Dating more than one person at once -- yay or nay?

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Oct 9, 1999
No. It will never work 99% of the time.

What's the point?


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Mar 5, 2001
Originally posted by: Dezign
If it's casual, I think dating more than one person simultaneously is fine. As long as everyone involved knows what's going on. If I'm dating casually, I'll let the people I'm dating know that I am, because it's only fair to them.

If it's more serious, then no, I don't support it.
Exactly, unless you find out that they're both bi.... then you're in a great situation ;)


Oct 30, 2001
what constitutes dating though? If it's casual, I would consider it more just hanging out as friends. A "date" involves at least some form of chivalry and manners, and therefore a bit of a romantic mood. If you're opening doors and such for her, then it's a date, and no i don't think you should be that far with more than one person at once. if you're just having fun, grabbing drinks, etc, then sure why not both at once?


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Dec 18, 2001
I think most people are confused with what dating means. I'm not sure which context it's used in in this situation but I had a conversation like this with a girl once. She seemed to think dating was just going out w/ a bunch of guys kissing them all, making otu all that sort of thing. Everyone of these guys was completely into her thinking they were together but she'd tell them it was just dating. To her, it was all trying people on for size and having fun. To the guys it was like we've gone out 2 nights this week..we make out all the's like theres an attachment and an obligation.

So the question is, does dating mean just going out? Or does it mean some sort of obligation and you've been going out with this person?

I think as soon as someone feels anything for you or you feel something for them, you should call it off w/ everyone else as you shouldn't be toying with people like that. I personally wouldn't want to be attached and have the girl think we were just "dating". This same reason is why I could never get attached to her and I was always kind of detached and would never let myself get close to her. Keep in mind that she's completely up front that shes also dating other people but you can't help but get attached.

The important thing is to be honest with the person and to yourself and also keep in mind how you would feel in the opposite situation. All situations are different though...