Curriculum vitae


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May 21, 2001
Before everyone freaks out, yes I have used the search function :p

I'm currently updating my CV, and I need some help. I'm graduating from university in April, so this is my first "real" résumé. I have removed all the gas station and janitor jobs, and all the "kid" stuff, so I think the content is okay. What I'm struggling with right now, is that I want to list my computer skills, but I'd like to rank them in "advanced, intermediate, basic" categories. I don't want to put down stuff I'm not very comfortable with and have the employer think I'm real good at it. In other words, no bullsh*tting on my résumé.

Right now, I just have them all listed in a "Computer skills" section. Just in case you want to check it out, it's located here but it's in french, so you can probably only help me on the presentation. I think it doesn't look too bad, but it misses a little something with the fonts. The "Computer skills" section is on the last page.

How could I redo that section?