Creating bootable CDs in InfraRecorder?

Discussion in 'Software for Windows' started by Viper GTS, Apr 29, 2008.

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    I've been Nero free for quite some time now, but there's one nagging thing that I haven't been able to figure out how to do in InfraRecorder: Create a bootable CD. This is coming up again of course due to the release of Windows XP SP3, until SP3 VL media is available on MSDN I'll be using a slipstreamed copy.

    I refuse to install Nero just to do this, so what the heck am I missing? I'm following one of the multitude of guides out there that have always worked in the past for me using Nero. The SP integration worked fine, and I've extracted the boot image from the MSDN ISO, but I can't get it all to burn correctly.

    Project properties in InfraRecorder are set like this:

    Anything obvious I'm missing? I'm guessing it's something Nero defaults to when you choose bootable CD, but I'm not installing that bloated POS just to figure it out. I'm using the latest version of InfraRecorder (0.45 x64) on Windows XP x64.


    After changing the settings slightly (Changed level to 2, and checked "Omit version numbers from ISO9660 file names") I have made a little progress. I now get this when I boot from the ISO:

    The system spontaneously reboots after that is displayed.

    Viper GTS
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  3. nova2

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    infrarecorder better be able to make bootable media - i just burned a vista MSDN image to a dvd.

    my vista 64 dvd boots OK. Perhaps older versions of infrarecorder had your problem, Don't know.

    infrarecorder freaking rocks so far.
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    I know this thread is really old,
    but did you finally get InfraRecorder to burn a bootable dvd correctly?
  5. MegaVovaN

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    I'm not an OP,
    but it burns bootable ISOs just fine.