Coup in Honduras

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Sep 6, 2007
CNN unbiased link

Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya arrived in Costa Rica on Sunday after a military-led coup, a Honduran government official told CNN.
Zelaya, a leftist elected in 2005, has found himself pitted against the other branches of government and military leaders over the issue of Sunday's planned referendum. It would ask voters to place a measure on November's ballot allowing the formation of a constitutional assembly that could modify the nation's charter to allow the president to run for another term.

Honduras has 70% of its population in poverty. With a vast, uneducated population, populist rhetoric is what sways the people to politicians. Coups in countries like this happen when the ruling classes fight over control of the peasants.

That is why it is important to maintain a large, educated, politically invested middle class in America. And not fall prey to cheap populist slogans like "change we can believe in" or "yes we can," recently used in Iran by Ahmadinejad.

Taking an unrelated topic and turning into a troll post caused the lock.

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Jul 30, 2004
I'm glad you didn't use this as an excuse to take a cheap shot at our president...
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