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Costco $200 Schwinn bike

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Diamond Member
Aug 13, 2003
I would say go for the Costco bike. I bought a nice Specialized Rockhopper for $600 about 8 months ago and kind of regret it. Sure i've had no issues and it is a great bike. But i've probably ridden less than 75 miles on it and for my use I could have saved a lot of money going with the Cotsco bike which would work fine for what I do (ride down a paved bike path to the beach or on a dirt path around the mesa).


Junior Member
Mar 2, 2008
I went to Costco and bought the Schwinn Midtown Comfort bike this weekend because I have't gone bicycling (or any other fitness stuff) in almost 2 years. The weather was looking really nice, and I decided - I gotta go biking! I made it out Saturday afternoon, while it was warm sunny. Good thing too -- it started snowing again this morning!

I actually went two nights ago to buy, but the "floor models" were in pretty bad shape from all the people mishandling them. I asked for a "fresh" one to be put together for me, and picked it up yesterday afternoon. The price at the store was $209 (vs. $229 at Costco.com).

The bike is decent. Noticeably heavier than the Novara "commuter" bicycle that I bought almost ten years ago (my sister took it from me last year). The handle bar alignment and derailuers still need some minor adjustments to get them "dead on", but they were perfectly fine for me to get in that afternoon ride. Gear selection was mostly fine -- although every once in a while, there was a little derailuer "clacking" for back gears 3-5. Nothing out of the ordinary, imho.

I had a nice 3.5 mile or so (each way) ride on the bike path that hugs the creek (Boulder Creek). A gentle, mostly up-slope ride (makes sense -- I am following a creek!).

Having been on a commuter bike for a long time, it did seem like this cruiser-ish bike felt a little bit "mushy" from the increased weight and rolling resistance (fatter tire). On the other hand, going over bumps and taking sharper turns around corners felt much better on this bike. I think this is a good around-town bike, if you aren't focused on "performance".

One thing I've always wondered: if you are riding a bike to get exercise (as opposed to being in a competition), why wouldn't you want a heavier, less efficient bike? The extra 5 lbs. or so couldn't hurt that much, could it?