Converting video to WMV, 20 MB size restriction


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Aug 19, 2002
I'm taking a speech class, and we have to give three speeches. The teacher has broken us into groups, and we have to record ourselves giving our speeches to our group. We will then have to turn those videos into the teacher for grading. The catch is that these videos need to be no bigger than 20 MB and in WMV format.

I have no problems recording the videos - my digital camera records great video, but defaults to MOV; my video camera works as well, and I use Ulead DVD MovieFactory to pull the video off of the tape, usually in AVI format. However, both of those formats are quite large (especially the AVI from my video camera). I'm having problems both converting to WMV and to fitting it into the 20 MB requirement. The first speech is only 3-4 minutes, but the last two will be around 7 minutes. I was thinking I could upload my videos to YouTube, then download them (MP4), then convert. Again, I'm having issues fitting those converted videos into a 20 MB WMV file.

Any suggestions? This is making me insane.