Convertible vs 2-in-1 for Coding+leisure


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Nov 10, 2013
Debating weather to go for
Lenovo Miix 510 (instead of SP4, because, in Europe, it's 400-500€ difference for 256GB model)
Lenovo Yoga 710

For 8GB/256GB/i5 configurations, Miix is 100€ less, but also lacks GPU.
But, Miix is also 16:10, though with smaller screen (12.2 vs 14).

2-in-1 advantages (miix 510):
- cheaper (900€)
- 16:10 screen, so more vertical pixels
- has a pen
- slightly more portable, I suppose
- can be used as a tablet

convertible advantages (yoga 710):
- bigger screen
- might be better for movie watching in bed/on the couch
- possibly better battery life
- has GPU (though only 940MX with DDR3 memory)
- probably better kb (this might be a big one)

For someone wanting to get into coding as a hobby (but do it regularly), out of these 2 devices, which one would be a better choice?
I realize it's up to me to see which of these ring more with me, but perhaps I'm giving to much credit to some, and not enough to others?

I do like 2-in-1 flexibility, though, for all intents and purposes, a convertible might be even more flexible:
- movie watching in bed
- coffeeshop newsreading
- I rarely use my current small T100 as a tablet anyway

The only downside is that I do use OneNote quite a lot, and do some doodling, so a lack of pen on Yoga could be felt.

Can someone with experience in both form factors weigh in? Some other factors I am not considering?