Conservative snowflakes are now melting down over Microsoft making the new Xbox more efficient. No, really.

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Mar 17, 2008
Just watched it. The physics isn’t wrong but the title is click bait.

The underlying assumption to reach boiling oceans in 400 years is continuous exponential growth in our power usage equivalent to rate we’ve been increasing over the last couple of centuries.

That’s a poor assumption for a few reasons. Power usage is tied to population growth which is predicted to peak this century not continue exponentially. Throw in increasing efficiency of power usage, increasing use of renewables, and we would be dead if it occurred well before the oceans boil and that assumption isn’t going to come to pass - as she basically says in the video.

The study that proposed that assumption wasn’t wrong for the point they were making but again it does make for a click bait article.
Copy that, I know I am bad at not giving enough context before posting vids… will improve
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