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Completed 8700K ThermalTake Core P3 Build


Senior member
Apr 28, 2006
Hi Ananders!

Finally received all the parts for my 8700K build just before Thanksgiving, so with the family out of town, guess what I did for Thanksgiving??!

Yup, built it and wow is it beautiful. And fast!! And quiet!!

Working on a build video, but for now here's one pic of the final product: Final Build Photo

I'm waiting on some custom cables for the PSU to the motherboard and video card, so that will clean things up a bit. And not sure how to fix all the cables coming out of the PC on the left...but still I LOVE IT!

NOTE: One thing I do want to point out, for those who have the NZXT Kraken X62 (or any of their coolers), the CAM software has a problem starting up after the first installation. To the best of my knowledge this has been going on for over TWO YEARS!! WHUT? Well, I figured out the problem and solved it.

The software creates a scheduled task in the Windows TaskScheduler to start up the app using your login permissions to avoid the UAC prompt. BUT... and this is the big issue...it creates the scheduled task to run...drum-roll please... ONCE and ONLY ONCE!

Solution: Created my own scheduled task that does the same exact thing, but I have it run every time you login. Simple. I couldn't alter their scheduled task because every time you start up CAM it re-writes the scheduled task erasing my changes. HTH!