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Combo Question; Ceton Echo


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Feb 26, 2001
setup is diagrammed here: http://i1306.photobucket.com/albums/s563/kartajan/Untitled_zps4ae1faf2.jpg

Question 1: What file format does the echo like best? I am thinking to convert most of my miscellaneous files to whatever the optimal format is... some files play fine, others no video, some are playing at an accelerated rate, and some restart the echo. All play fine on the HTPC...

Q2: What works best for stored DVD library? I had been keeping them as native .vob structure, but that does not seem to work well on the echo. Tried some workarounds, which mostly work, but they do not play smoothly.. I also am looking to add my Blu-Ray collection onto the NAS, but have yet to locate player software that fully integrates into the 7MC.

(Q?)3: Any input to give this setup a higher WAF? I am hoping to have the echo running full time, and have it operating TV/ Movies/ Video/ Pictures at each point across the entire house vice the current 3 (Echo/ Cable Box/ BD) for full function at each point excluding the main HTPC.
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