Question Chromium and Chrome, this seems like a virus


Jul 11, 2001
When I boot this Win10 64bit laptop, Chromium is opening. My other browsers don't launch unless I launch them. I have a utility named Enditall which allows me to close or kill (my option) running processes/programs when launched. I don't always use it but if I'm using a system and want maximum resources I sometimes run it. Running enditall on this machine shows 1/2 dozen Chrome.exe processes that it cannot kill even when I flag those processes as killable in Enditall. This is unusual.

I go into Uninstall programs and find Google Chrome and uninstall it and reboot the machine. It's nowhere to be seen now in Uninstall Programs. However, Chromium still launches. It's there in my system somewhere. I googled this and a site proposes to help you get rid of it but it wants you to download utilities to do so. I stay clear of those offerings, they are all too often invasive and have negative consequences.

I don't mind having the browser in my system if it doesn't launch unless I want it to, but that's not the way it's behaving.

I intend to uninstall Win10 on this system anyway (Lenovo T61 with 8GB RAM), because the trackpad behavior is insane sometimes. I'll go back to Win7 64bit Ultimate, but haven't gotten around to it. That should, I suppose, stop my problem with Chromium/Chrome, but I figure I should find out what's up with this, how it got here. Yes, 1/2 the time I go to I'm asked to install Chrome, but I don't remember acquiescing.


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Jul 11, 2006
Chrome has setting "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed". If you leave that on (which is default setting), I see lots of Chrome processes at all times.