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Chris Taylor follows Bleszinski's lead

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Sep 29, 2000
Chris Taylor, that guy who made Total Annihilation?

Yeah, he still matters.

When Gabe Newell or Jeff Kaplan step out in front of the "PC gaming is dead" bus, then maybe I'll take notice. Until then, I see no reason to play TF2 with a gamepad.


May 1, 2006
Originally posted by: skace
Originally posted by: Craig234
It's odd how people who should know better make sort of formulaic games later, like the Diablo creators who went to Flagship and made the computer-generated Hellgate: London levels. that are poorly reviewed. And do I need to mention TA: Kingdoms, even though that wasn't Taylor? Most disappointing sequel in history, perhaps?
FYI Diablo had computer generated levels. It was one of it's biggest features. The problem was that Diablo's computer generated levels worked better than Hellgates. It's much easier to computer generate catacombs that look largely like a giant puzzle than it is to computer generate a city. That should have thrown up some red flags during their design phase.
Your point is well taken, I think you said it about right, my point being that it's odd how people who had done that design well before did it worse later.

Also, Bill Roper mentioned it prominently in an interview about Hellgate as if it was something they'd just created for Hellgate.

But then again, Taylor seems to have forgotten how to make as fun an RTS after TA.