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Chris Christie

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Feb 6, 2002
There's a huge difference between being at a disaster site and interfering in emergency/rescue efforts and being available to help in damage control/recovery efforts by cutting red tape and making resources quickly available. First Obama went to NJ and slowed rescue efforts, then he jetted off across the country and left the people of NY to fend for themselves while inept political leadership made plans for marathons/fashion shows and other business as usual bullshit as people died. In fact people are still dying from the effects of Sandy in NY while your guy Obama is stroking off on the campaign trail.


Oh I gorgot the formula Bush ok, Obama the "debil"



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Jul 3, 2008
Wait a second...are you seriously implying that Obama should have stuck around the disaster area and micromanaged the support and recovery??
Nope, but I am saying he should be working harder to make support available to the people suffering in the N.Y.


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Jul 10, 2006
I just want to highlight what a statement you've made. That the fortune of a State depends on the good will of the President.

A MAJOR point of liberty is that you do not feast or famine based on who you know in government. On who you serve in government. Because people should not fear their government. Government should fear and serve the people and our system today has moved very far from that. It keeps moving further away.

We have broken the promise of America, of our founding fathers, to be secure in our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. If what you said is at all, in any way, true. Guess what? Both Republicans and Democrats are working to not only keep us there, but to make it worse for us. More government, more centralization, more taxes funneled into a collection of corrupt people who then abuse that power.

Partisans just want to make sure it's their guy in charge to bludgeon opponents with. They are not questioning why there's a club in the first place, and don't tell me your party doesn't use it. They do.

When Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on dinner, that's essentially no better than ancient tribalism.
Well said indeed.