ChessBrain: Just an FYI...


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Nov 13, 2000
...the client sends a request to the server every 30 seconds, so if you are using it on a computer at work, it will fill up their firewall logs pretty quickly with connections from your machine ;)

My boss was just checking the firewall logs and found lots of connections coming from my laptop, switched off ChessBrain, and they all stopped.

Luckily he's a cool, understanding guy, and I just said "oh sh!t, i forgot that I installed that at home, will switch the service off now" and he was happy with it :)

<OT> He's also happy with Seti on the servers too, so that's another "phew" (i used the "well when I was configuring the servers, I wanted to stress test them to make sure they wouldn't crash, and I forgot to take it off. But can be deleted if you wish" (and explained what it does), to which he said "nah, that's OK, it's quite cool actually, we'll leave it running" :)) </OT>

So, be careful running it on a work system, as always you should get permission first, but if you do have permission to actually have it running, beware that it generates a lot of entries in firewall logs ;)



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May 28, 2003
Lucky u that your boss takes it the cool way! I wanted to persuade my uncle's boss to run SETI, but "NO WAY" he said ... it will ruin the CPUs, HDs and increase his electricity bill .... yeah ... whatever :(
(so i missed 25 AMD XP +2000 for the team) :( :|


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Nov 21, 2003
BMC - Sad story, but they are his comps, so he can do what he want to !!

Conf - Good to know that !!