Cheap RAM yes or no ?


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Jan 29, 2001
I want to add more ram to to my Intel box, as it only has one 64 MB UNB PC133 CL 3 stick. I checked pricewatch and came up on a deal, 512 MB's for $55... Here is the link. Should I stay away from it or buy? I have never had memory related problems yet, my main rig has crucial but the two of my pc's have generic RAM and run just fine. What do you guys think?



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Sep 1, 2000
from the website:
According to manufacture testing result, this sdram is suggested to work with the following mother board CHIPSET (However,we do not responsible for the compatibilities. Please consult with your motherboard manual or the manufacture):
*VIA KT266/A,
*VIA KT-133/A,
*VIA KX-133,
*SIS 630,
*VIA 693/694,
*AMD 751 Iron Gate,
*VIA Apollo 133A Pro Chipsets,

Is your mobo one of these chipsets?


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Jun 28, 2001
Don't do it. It's not worth it in the long run.

OR, make sure you can return it and get ALL your money back, buy it and try it. (Remember, you may get screwed anyway).


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Oct 9, 1999
Why not:
Those random blue screens of death you can't nail down only to never see them again when you swap in your Crucial ram and change nothing else. I've been there, system benchmarked fine, ran any test you wanted, but would just crash out of nowhere at times.

Why not:
Some cheap ram uses tin leads instead of gold. Not so much anymore, but I've been there too. Having to take your ram out ever few months and rubbing the leads with a pencil eraser so the contact's good and the ram shows up full size is a pain in the butt. I've been there too.

Why not:
Cheap ram doesn't usually have the overhead of better ram. I bought a 'generic' ram module with Toshiba 8ns chips on it when PC-100 first came out. For my Celeron 300A I had planned to overclock to 450. Never could get the overclock to work, replaced that ram with Kingston one day and tried the overclock again on a lark. Worked perfectly. Turns out that generic ram is only stable up to 83, somewhere between there and 100 it craps out, it doesn't even do it's rated speed, muchless any faster. Other generics I've had crapped out within 10% of rated speed. That same Kingston PC-100 piece does 143mhz btw.

I quit buying generic ram. Can't suggest others continue to do so, but it's your headache.