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Census Good or bad

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Jun 29, 2007
He never said they are the only ones. His statement is a fact, which cannot be denied. You have deliberately tried to demonize him by twisting his words to hide the truth in his statement. You are willfully blind to the truth. I can think of little that is more pathetic than a person who not only chooses not to see the truth, but would willingly deny it. Open your eyes Ausm. Open them and see the world for what it is. Everyone knows this.
Thank you, Senator McCarthy ....



Dec 11, 2006
How about a FAIR amount of goods and services? The census methods are incredibly biased towards middle class white people, and biased against poorer minorities. Complaining about that system isn't some sort of unreasonable demand, it's a perfectly normal request to be treated as equals.

Edit: And I have to say, suggesting that "the black community" sees things entirely one way or the other, especially when that perspective is so incredibly negative, seems wildly racist to me.
No more racist than supporting a system that promotes and encourages multi-generational dependence upon the government, rewarding damaging behavior and discouraging good behavior.

I am not one of the idiots that goes to either extreme on the issue so I am not advocating complete removal of our social programs but one would have to be willfully blind or ignorant to think that the good intentioned social programs have had disastrous affects on the black community.

Ausm said:
Your generalizations are HIGHLY annoying so basically you believe black people are the only ones who take advantage of government handouts?
Government handouts take advantage of poor black people more so than any other race. While plenty of other races do take advantage of .gov handouts I haven't seen anywhere near the generational dependence upon .gov handouts from other races. Not that I really blame black folk, while personal responsibility does play a role, given their situation when most of these programs started it is rather easy to see why it got out of hand. In this case the truth is more than annoying and simply crying racism at a few generalizations (while generalizations are by no means "right" they are often closer to the truth than most admit) hurts people more than it helps.

Then again, there is very little interest from anyone to actually help poor black folks to truly succeed. Sure people might advocate throwing some money at them or giving them their own congressional district (I can understand the why, but how is it legal?) or building some new public housing but all that really accomplishes is keeping them poor, dependent and in the same spot. Perhaps it is that way by design? I hate to think that possible but at this point we know damn good and well what the results are. To continue the same is, in my opinion, a thousand times worse than even the KKK.


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Jun 10, 2002
The census is good if its an fairly factual representation of how many American citizens live in each state.

If during the next census California doesnt lose Congressional representatives and Texas doesnt gain any then we will know that this census was rigged. That can lead to very bad things.