Celeron 700 with ASUS MES-VM motherboard


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Apr 22, 2003
I just got an Asus MES-VM Socket 370 motherboard and I can't find a jumper settings that allows me to set the clock multiplier to anything higher than 66MHz FSB *8 which is only 533MHz. If I have a Celeron 700MHz CPU already in there and I power it up for the first time, will it work? If this motherboard can't handle CPU speeds above 533MHz, then will it still work with this CPU, but will only operate at 533MHz with a 66MHz external clock? Is there any risk of any damage by turning on my system like this for the first time with a Celeron 700MHz CPU, but the jumper settings not set to as high of a multiple?


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Dec 12, 2001
The voltage is very different between a ppga 533 celeron, and a 700 celeron. While you probably won't hurt anything, I'd be suprised if it worked. That line of Asus boards was commonly used in OEM computers, like in HP pavilions. So finding a user manual might involve finding a similar model board, and checking the options from there.


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Mar 30, 2004
If it really can't go past 533, then no, it won't work. Your 700 celly is multiplier locked at 10.5 (sadly, this one does not go to 11:()

I'd guess it isn't going to work, but good luck anyway.