CD Burner


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Aug 16, 2001
Hey I was wondering if I could get some help on selecting a burner out of the following which are available on the web for under $100...which makes me think if they are really worth it.
I have the software, I just need to know which one is better They are :

1)NEC NR7900A [24x10x40x] ~ {$73}
2)Mitsumi [24x12x40] ~ { $ 68 @}
3) TEAC [24x10x40] $83
4) SONY [24x10x40] $82

I am really time pressed to buy a burner but I dont know anything about these and you guys really need to help me out. Please dont con me , someone in Sharky told me to buy a totally useless burner and so I am back trying to buy a new one. Hopefully 24x
Thanks alot.



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Feb 11, 2001
Go to and check out some of their reviews. The last three you mention all got good ones. The first I did'nt see there. Teac is usually high up.