Case fan noise problem


Feb 4, 2006
ok, so right now I've got 3 80mm Thermaltake Smart Case Fan II's running at a constant 4800 RPM in my machine. The upside of this is that I have never had an overheating problem ever, the downside sounds like a B-17.

now, for some reason I can't get them to work on anything but the standard max setting (their adjustable settings just arent working). I leave my rig on pretty much 24/7, and tax it pretty hard (bit-torrent+Prey+Vent concurrently running, etc..) however I do not have anything overclocked. As it is nothing in my rig really gets hot at all, the case sides are always about room temperature and the whole machine works well.

My question is this, since I am moving into a dorm soon and don't want a B-17 in there with me, should I just pick up something like a Hardcano 9 so I can variably adjust the fan speeds to what I'm doing, or just replace the fans with normal 2000-2500 rpm 80mm fans and if so what problems, if any, would that present.

thanks for any help in advance, if you need any more info please let me know.


Senior member
Apr 18, 2006
Change out the fans. That's the simplest solution. Go for 120mm fans if possible, by modding the case. If the B-12 system is the one in your sig, there is NO WAY you need that many fans anyways.

Nexus, Yate Loon, Panaflo and other are all good brands for fans. But yeah, AMDs don't generate alot of heat to start, you wouldn't ever have an over heating problem anyways, even if you didn't have those fans.