Car lease help

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Feb 5, 2018
Lol wow most be a clueless troll. I appreciate your "help" on my post... 1. it's called being tired 2. its the internet who the hell cares about proper English? 3. why make a post like this if your not even being positive or helping in any way? 4. recheck your life if you think your post is okay. 5. Just because I've done something once doesn't mean I'm a "pro" at it the next time around.

EDIT: Nut, I rather do 0 due at signing (or just the required things like title, DMV, etc. But I read most of these fees I can roll over to my monthly payments which I might do

Has my engrish improved meghan senpai?


Sep 23, 2003
I feel letting the dealership figure out how to lower my payments is a recipe for disaster since they will do whatever possible to make a deal sound good and get the most profit. I rather just lease a new car and not a used one.

This logic doesn't make sense to me. Your only obligation is the payments if you turn the car in at the end. What opportunity is there to screw you? The only other thing you might consider is the wear & tear policy and if there is a fee if you don't go into another Kia at the end of the lease (this is common). But, usually these are standard items regardless of your payment.

Literally your payment and money down along with number of miles allowed are the only focal points on a lease. Anything else they could "screw" you on would be the same things if you only focused on the sale price of the vehicle. If you're worried about them screwing you, then you need to be worried about a whole lot more than just the sales price.