Can't find lyrics to a song

Nov 17, 2019
Ever listen to a song where you can clearly hear the lyrics, but can't find any trace on the web?

Back in the 90s sometime, I recorded some music off a Canadian radio station, CKJY that only existed for a short time. One of their programs was a special on Glenn Miller.

One of the tracks is Pistol Packin' Mama about an air crew mission on a B-17 bombing raid to Berlin with lyrics like:

Flying for the air corps

there's a flying fortress with a knocked out

hear the airmen say

then the CO told us, we would bomb Berlin

lay those bombs away

then we boarded Mama and Mama took her time

spin that turret Mama, spit them bullets clean
now the job is done, take a bow we'll be back tomorrow, we'll go home for now

I'm not great at transcription, so I have trouble getting them all typed out.

It's the same tune as the famous version by Al Dexter:

But where those lyrics are:

Lay that pistol down, babe - lay that pistol down
Pistol Packin' Mama, lay that pistol down

The Glenn Miller version is:

Lay those bombs away, babe - lay those bombs away,
Pistol Packin' Mama, lay those bombs away,.

It just seems odd that I can't find a trace of the Miller version typed out. There are some hits to videos of it and a couple of streaming sites seem to have it.


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Dec 3, 2010
Yep lots of media pre 2010 doesn't seem to exist anymore. It's crazy how good the internet is at preserving things since then however.