Canadian trucker protest

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Oct 9, 2004

just a nice little update, one of the MPP's has been arrested an charged with his connection to the occupation

CCC 430 (3) Mischief/Obstruct Property Exceeding $5000 X1
CCC 464 (a) Counsel An Uncommitted Indictable Offence (Mischief) X2
CCC 430 (3) Mischief/Obstruct Property Exceeding $5000 X1
CCC 129 (a) Obstruct/Resist Person Aiding Public/Peace Officer X1
CCC 129 (a) Obstruct/Resist A Public Officer X2
CCC 270 (1) (a) Assault Peace Or Public Officer X1
CCC 464 (a) Counsel An Uncommitted Indictable X1

I've heard about Hillier — he's long been one of those know-nothing provocateurs, it's just that the trucker occupation and the pandemic led him to cross the line from just being a lousy politician to actively breaking the law.

He'd better hope those charges don't stick. Mischief is bad enough (in Canada, that's potentially a serious charge), but assaulting a peace officer? In many legal systems, that's a cardinal sin. Wouldn't be surprised if he faces years in prison over this.

The unfortunate thing is that Hillier is already close to retirement age and wasn't seeking reelection (not as a Conservative, at least), so this won't hurt him as much as it should. With that said, he's also deluded enough that he might think he'll get a light sentence or that his criminal record won't affect his chances at running for office as an independent or for a fringe party like the PPC. I'll take great delight if, and more likely when, the cold reality sets in.
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May 23, 2017
Well this going to rile up our antivax base here. They still calling Trudeau a dictator even after everything happening in Ukraine.
Again, projection... this is from a crowd that has zero problems with dictators - as long as they are the ones in power.

The "don't tell me what to do" crowd is ALL about telling others what they must do.