Can this be done in a content search?


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Feb 11, 2001
I have a web server with a folder path of e: \inetpub\wwwroot\content. In this path is a directory structure for all of our company's content sites. (As distinct from applications.) About a hundred top level folders and tons of subfolders under each...

Since they use FrontPage to publish, there are also _vti folders and other frontpage specific files for just about every folder in the structure.

We're moving to a new publishing server, so I'm trying to do a search for content that contains links to the old server name. Problem is, when I search for files that contain the text of the servername, I get back all the files in the _vti folders, since they contain metadata about the publishing location.

How can I perform a search of a directory tree, looking for content inside of files, but do a wildcard exlude of the file names / folder names I don't want to see?