Question Can the PC's location information be over-ridden?


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Oct 9, 1999
Can the PC's system location be over-ridden? The PC's Zip Code system location is always referencing the ISP's Zip Code, not the PC's location.
For example: go to an online retailer web site (such as Best Buy, Home Depot, etc.), and unless manually corrected, that retailer "assumes" that you're located in a Zip Code associated with the ISP, and not the PC's actual physical Zip Code location. It would be convenient if one could make a registry edit to "always over-ride" the faulty information and instead use a specified Zip Code location.


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Aug 11, 2001
The usual way I do this is create an account there and specify "my store" or however the specific site words it, then it remembers it if I'm logged in which I might as well be if I want to expedite shopping checkout.

I did not read ALL of the link crashtech provided but skimming over it, it looked more like a way to just hide your real location, not a way to change it to one that is more accurate unless you happened to live in the same zip code as a VPN server and knew this and used that service.

There is also, often a location notification feature in browsers that you might check and set to enabled, if it doesn't generate a popup asking you on a per-site basis.
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