can a 97accord I4 take a turbo?

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Jun 16, 2000
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oh c'mon.. i think a turbo in my 95 camry would kick ass. biggest sleeper in the world. this is all my friend's fault.. him and his damn mr2... and the same engine..... too bad 5 grand and the fact it's auto don't mix w/ the idea.
Just buy something that is already turboed. My turbo charged car cost a whopping $800 and is cool as hell.

Oh and its a dodge caravan :D
Haha, my mom's turbo V6 Plymouth Grand Voyager rawkz?! The funny thing is burning your friends who think their cars are hot. "Dude, you got beat by a MINIVAN." What a dependable beast it is.
Teh only thing your mom's van burns is oil (an massive amounts of it since it's a Plymouth).
Either one will do it. I have never seen so many mesquito wagons as what has rolled out of the Dimestore-Crapsler corp.
Nah, it doesn't burn oil at all. Actually, we've never owned a Chrysler that burned oil. Every Ford and GM we've owned did, though. The van has, however, embarassed guys who think their 1991 Escorts and 1992 Dodge whatever-that-convertible-is can race. What, you thought it was beating cars with actual engines?
The only Chrysler cars that have oil burning problems have engines made by CRAPSUBISHI.. Dynasty, New Yorker, Caravan, Voyager, etc. they are all the somewhat dependable yet oil burning POS 3.0L engine.


Jul 2, 2003
S"aabs, while a nice enough car are stoopid expensive to fix and not reliable. I knew of 4 people with them and every single one was a lemon. Something always needed to be done to them.

No thanks."

I have 4 that have over 200000 with original trannies and engines-just like any other car if they aren't taken care of they break down.

I've owned 6 saabs, 1 BMW, 2 toyotas, 2 chevies, 1 ford, and 2 audis.

It's only stoopid if you don't know where to buy parts for saabs (go to flat rate is the same at a saabshop)

I'm thinking your friends are stoopid.

I'll take the saab anyday over standard Jap crap or american crap (PRE 94 900s for the saab, after that and they are gm opels).

They can save your life and are built wonderfully and are cheap for parts if you're not an idiot that pays midas for $500 of brakework that would cost you $120 in parts and 2 hours of labor at an indy (or do it yourself like me).

I've seen people taken for rides in american cars (fatherinlaw-whos an idiot mechanically has had 2 $1300 tranny rebuilds on his 1990 olds in 2 years, uncle has gone through 3 trannies on his 1999 camery, brother has lost his azz paying for rebuilt steering racks on his 1988 Integra, lada lada).

As aristotle said "Know thyself" it's applicable to your car: "know thy car".

If you don't you're hosed whatever brand you buy.