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Can’t Send Emails with on iOS 11


If you are unable to compose an email with your iPhone device, using Outlook or other Exchange mail account after updating to iOS 11, then you're not alone who is facing the issue. Numerous users have reported it to be what seems like a bug in iOS 11. But what causes this email issue in iOS 11?

If you are the one facing the issue, learn what to do. This guide will provide you with a better perception of fixing the email issues with iOS 11. Let us see how you can make it work.

Step 1
Open ‘Settings’

Go to ‘Settings’ > ’Mail’ > ‘Accounts’. When you go to account, you can see a list of accounts. In the guide, the issue would be sorted through the Gmail account. But, in your case, you can tap on the account where you are having the issue.


Step 2
Open ‘Gmail’

Go to Gmail account, tap on your email address, and now you need to change your password in your email settings. There may be various reasons for this issue; however, changing the password will help you fix this issue.


For this, you need to tap the SMTP settings.

Step 3
Open ‘SMTP’
'Gmail Account'
> ‘SMTP’, Here, you will see a list of servers. You should choose the primary server responsible for your ‘send and receive’ emails and ensure whether the option is enabled. Then enter the username (complete username) and retype the password and tap the done button.


Now your email issue would be resolved.
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