Camcorder Opinions Needed Here


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Jan 7, 2000
In an earlier thread, I mentioned that I'll be driving to SLC in about 2 weeks...

I'd like to get a nice camcorder and have been considering the Sony DCR-TRV730.

High8/Digital8 is preferred since I think most MiniDVs are out of my price range.

My budget would have an absolute ceiling of $1,000 (with extra battery, tapes, etc.).

Anyone here have any opinions or experience with this area?

I have zero experience in this field in general.

Also, what's the general cost of firewire card/cable?

I also haven't found a place online that I would feel good about making this purchase from...suggestions there would help as well.

I'll be out shopping today (Burlington Coat Factory, Bill Jackson's, etc.) but will check back here ASAP.

Thanks everyone, I've always valued the info and knowledge here and appreciate the many good people that contribute to this forum.


Hopefully I won't think of something right after I hit Post Message...


Oct 9, 1999
Buy it from your local Sears. They'll price match any web etailer, just bring in a copy of the page with the price shown. They may want to add shipping, so have that info available.

Grab one with a large 3-1/2" LCD. I agree the Digital8 is the best bang for the buck in initial price and cost of media.
  • Sears Item #05758882000
    Mfr. Model #DCR-TRV840
$789.99 at AllStar Camera

If you can still find a Sears that carrys the TRV530, you could snag it for only $ 679.99.


Mar 9, 2000
I wanted a VERY basic entry-level DVC and got the Panasonic PV-DV51 (18x optical zoom) for $399 after MIR.

In the Panasonic line (which is pretty comparable to the other manufacturer) you are paying big money for features (transferring stills to PC, etc.) and not optical quality. The DVC is pretty comparable to other digital formats and only slightly more expensive . . . and much better quality than analog camcorders.

Firewire cards are usually well under $100 (I got mine free after MIR) and come with some video-editing package.



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Nov 20, 2001
Get a digital 8, don't even consider the Hi8. The prices are pretty reasonable compared to what they were last year. I got a Hi8 camcorder last year and now wish I would have got a digital 8. I want to copy my tapes to a cd, but the hardware to do it costs an extra 100 to 200 bucks for something decent. Digital 8 is the way to go!