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Cablecard for my HTPC

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Feb 18, 2008
It was super easy for me. I spent more time on hold than getting the card paired. Make sure you dial the right number. I dialed a number that ceton gave me and they knew exactly what to do.
Yes, I've called the the CableCard number and tried numerous times. I am on my 3rd Ceton card and at least 4-5 pairings.

I think the problem in my area is that we are an old Time Warner market with SA/cisco equipment. Most of the Comcast market is motorola based I believe.

It has taken numerous calls and even emails to Comcast corporate to get my card paired each time.


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Aug 4, 2000
I honestly didn't have much trouble getting mine paired either... probably, again, depends on where you live and how experienced they are with these requests in that region.


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Apr 16, 2009
The only thing the "tech" did for both Comcast and now FiOS was hand deliver the card. I installed and paired everything myself. The techs have zero experience with cablecards unless its TiVo. You shouldnt let any scrub mess with your PC.

The interal InfiniTV4 is what I have and I got it around the same time cybrsage did. I have been happy with it and their RMA support is probably the best I have ever seen. I've had my card for a long damn time now and they are doing an RMA free after the COAX dongle broke for me as we speak. If it breaks for whatever reason in the first year they will priority ship a replacement and have you send your old one back in the same box.

If you go cablecard with a windows media center setup I would HIGHLY encourage you to get MyChannelLogos, pay the small donation and love life.

I use XMBC/WMC combo with the quick switch addon and couldnt be happier.


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Dec 8, 2005
I use XMBC/WMC combo with the quick switch addon and couldnt be happier.
The what now? I feel like despite being on the media center forums all the time I still miss huge things in the media center community. You can quickly switch between XBMC and WMC?