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Cable alternative?


Junior Member
Oct 19, 2012

Have a question on the centon TV product. I am also looking for alternatives to cable. If I have a htpc for the main tv with centon. Can I stream a different channel to a bedroom upstairs with an extender. Want to know if I have a 1 htpc and 4 tv's with extenders . Is it possible to watch 4 different shows live or recorded at the same time?

Sep 12, 2004
Not sure what you actually mean by an alternative to cable. A Ceton still requires cable service. What it does provide is an alternative to using your provider's cable box or cable DVR.

Using one you could stream a different live tv channels to 4 extenders. However, only 4 devices could be watching live TV at any one time (1 device for each tuner), though the 5th device could watch a recorded show. All 5 (4 extenders and 1 HTPC w/ Ceton) could watch 5 recorded shows at the same time assuming your HTPC has enough juice and your network can handle it. If you have a wired network, even just 100Mb, it should be no problem.