Buying a new system: New recommendations Please!


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Oct 25, 2002
I am going to get a new system. I am a mac person, so all this PC stuff is new to me. I have been reading up on the net on things. I want to get AN AMD XP 1800-2000. I will be running windows xp home edition.

WHAT mobo/chipset should i get? (I heard VIA chips are problematic with SB cards, is this true?)

I also want to get an ati 8500 or 9500 video card & sb audigy soundcard

any recommendations for HD?

19" monitors?

I have decided on the Logitech Z-560 speakers

also someone told me to watch out power supplies, which ones should i avoid...for that matter what/manufacturers parts should i avoid????


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May 16, 2002
Ok. I am sure everybody has a favorite, but here are two mobos to start: ASUS A7V333 and Abit KX7333. If you don't want integrated sound the abit doesn't have it (I have both MB's) Problems with the SB cards ? ancient history. Video card ? ATI 8500 128 meg retail is best bang for the buck, 9700 pro kills everything (costs too) HD ? I like maxtor, fast and reliable. I lot of people here seem to like the new WD 8 meg cache drives, but WD burned me a while back, so you decide. 19" monitor ? Yes, pick one. I have a KDS, but I am sure there are better, just pick $200 or less. They will die in a few years anyway. (unless you are anal for quality output, then I can't help you) Speakers ? I am using a 30 year old stereo with 10 " 3-way speakers for my primary game computer, and "cheap generics" for my rear channels, so can't help there. PSU wise, Antec and Enermax seem to be the hot quality PSU's, I use generic Enlight cases with ???, but that is an important part of the system.

I will try to reply with more info if you need it.


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May 3, 2002
Take a look at the EPoX 8K5A series boards. They're very popular right now. If you can wait a few weeks, it looks like nForce 2 is gonna be the next hot chipset for Athlon systems. The ATI 9500 Pro looks promising, but its hard to tell just yet. The 9700 (non-pro) looks very good at a bit over $200 (when it comes out). If you wait for a nForce2 board or get a nForce1 board right now, then there won't be any need for an Audigy since the onboard audio is better :) Otherwise, get a TBSC. As for HDDs, if you value silence get a Seagate 'Cuda IV, but if you value speed get a Western Digital Cavier "Second Edition" 8MB HDDs because they are far and away the fastest drives out there. For 19" monitors, get an Aparture Grill CRT from NEC or Samsung not a shadow mask. The good brands for PSUs are Antec/Enermax/Sparkle with Antec TruePower series PSUs being my favorite.