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Bush Vows to Bring Saudi Bombers to Justice

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Sep 22, 2001
I have performed the MOONBEAM DUCK TEST and have come to the conclusion that this is the fault of George Bush.


May 13, 2002
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I really want to say Bush should go to Hell . . . but I doubt that it's appropriate.
Missed your point.

Anyway, I'm curious to see what his plan is to bring suicide bombers to justice.
1. Find target... make sure it meets some US interests, not to be confused with finding the actual evil doers.
2. Accuse said target of "terrorism".
3. Bring citizen tempers to a boil.
4. Simmer until popularity rating is above 60%.
5. Invade said target.
6. Defeat said target.
7. Install spineless Leader.
8. See step #1, repeat until election.
So Thera, what are your thoughts on the terrorists? It seems that you would rather ignore the terrorist suicide bombers just to post a mindless bash of Pres. Bush.
That's a good point. What can be really done to stop the terror though? Israel has tried for umpteen years unsucessfully. Frankly I don't know what causeing it againt us other than incursions into arab lands which can only increase hostilities. Sure we saw the ringers tearing down Saddams head but the majority was'nt there and they hate us at least as much. Could we stop being all over arabia, sure. But I think that's an impossibilty consideing the importance of OIL and globalization.

I've said it before, teddy roosvelt is the man, speak softly and carrry a big stick. I think we should low key in everything and send our own little sqauds out to dismantle these groups in every country. We have the cash, we have the resources, and manpower it just does'nt make the 5oclock news when your hitting one cell at a time behind enemy lines.

1. Those officials don't like terror anymore than we do so would easily be bribed or even offer assistance for free with intell and even undercover agents.

2. CIA operates inside all these countries with some dummy corp (a french name preferably) and we launch missions and attacks on terror cells from these places. IMO you must be on the ground and have good HUMAN intelligence for success.

3. We kill them and every support network while the the same time this "french Company" builds daycares, hospitals etcetcetc to will the people over.
In Israels case their own actions have alot to do with the attacks they face.

Thera, does your conspiracy theory still work after Al-qaida admits responsibility, and the Saudis actually have some involved in custody? Don't worry about it, the "anti's" never let the facts get in their way, you guys just keep spinning, it's getting funnier by the day.