Bush is suck

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Jun 21, 2000
Oh well, at least none of this Really matters.....Lets see, Gore is now fighting with Clinton and telling him to stay out of his campaign.....History will continue the way it has and the party in power for 2 consecutive terms will lose.........Finally, the Senior Citizens will decide the election and......they are supporting G.W.B. by a HUGE margin! Poor little algore doesn't even look to carry his home state of TN! Have A Nice Day!!!

Double Trouble

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Oct 9, 1999
I don't have any illusions that Bush will do that much better than Gore, after all they are both politicians that say whatever will get them elected (like Red said).... but given the alternative, Bush looks good.

Another thing we need to remember is that both these guys talk about doing all sorts of stuff, but in reality Congress is the one that has to come up with all these programs and packages -- not the president. So no matter what promises they make, they don't control the major legislative proposals directly.