Burning Software


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Jan 21, 2000
Best? It depends on personal taste as well as the software's compatibility with XP. The latest versions of Nero and EZCD all work fine in XP. I favor Nero due to it's svcd feature and flexibility with many video burning tasks. However, I've had no particular problems with EZCD either for regualar burning stuff (making music cds and burning iso files). WinonCD, fireburner & NTI-CD Maker work fine in XP as well.

Download the demos try out for yourself.


Dec 3, 2001
Actually, I prefer EZCD 5.02b Platinum, but you need to go to Roxio's web site and see if your burner is supported. I have an old 4X CDRW and EZCD works fine. The computer store I work in sells AOpen 20X and 24X drives and EZCD doesn't support them. For these drives NERO works fine. It's all a matter of personal preference and whether or not your drive is even supported by the software. As long as it is supported for and version of the software, there are XP patches for NERO and EZCD.