Building Credit

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Oct 9, 1999
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I understand, I was looking for something low limit so I could just put gas and maybe odds and ends on it to establish a good history until I can get a "real" card. Ha.
I would recommend saving up $300 - $500 and getting a secured credit card. When my sister turned 18 she had zero credit, applied for a secured cc and was approved. She used it for a year, making all her payments on time. 1 year later she applied for a "regular" rewards credit card, was approved and now routinely gets offers for $5k - $10k cc's.

Most local banks and credit unions offer secured credit cards. You'll get back your deposit + interest earned after you close your account.
They key is to keep a balance though. Dont pay off the balance every month. CC companies dont like people that pay off their balance.
The key to what? Being a dumbass?